Saturday, June 29, 2013

Borderline and Beyond App Preview

Well, The Borderline and Beyond ebook and app are both on the way. The e-book will be the standard text, a duplicate of the printed book. 

However, the app will have a lot more "cool functionaliy."

The app is still under development. Since I like doing most things myself, I managed to develop half of it but there is no way to complete this without lots of knowledge of code. So, the workbook components of the app are being hammered out by a professional team.

The I-phone/Android App 
will contain-

* The Ebook in its entirety, divided by sections

* Emotional Crisis tips and simple exercises from the book, designed for each mood state you are in, from anxiety to anger. You'll just scroll, choose your problem or feeling, read and get quick and convenient help. (Of course, if you are suicidal or homicidal, you will need to call 911 instead.)

AND these components of the workbook:

* Two tests that self-score- The BSI- (Borderline Symptom Inventory) and the RAQ (Reality Awareness Questionnaire). Hopefully, there will be a way to record the scores of both tests, so you can watch your results improve over time.

*HOPEFULLY-- A place where you can journal and record your thoughts, just like in the journal.

In other words, you get the whole Borderderline and Beyond ebook for mobile AND lots of workbook functionality all in one for less than the cost of just one book.

I'll keep you posted as to its debut.
(I don't even know an estimated released date. My development team hasn't given me one.)

Stay tuned!

(If you'd like to stay informed when it's available, just email


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