Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Infinite Ways to Get Nowhere

This is a poem I wrote last February.  I've always been an "explorer" and an "experimenter" in life. I'm the sort of person who will repeat the same failed experiment in life multiple times before giving up. And yet, I have. The results speak for themselves.


It's so amazing how many ways to get lost
I marvel at the dark labyrinths and twisted roots in forest caverns
where my soul has wandered, cried and labored.

I cannot count the infinite ways to get nowhere.
There are joyful mirages and tragic truths, sleepy visions and chasing the wind.
I am an expert here.

Wasted reflections and agonized sighs,
Playful persuasions, hypnotic eyes.
I've been a vagabond of soul,
a restless spirit unsure where to go
when the past from where I started is destroyed.

But now, I have returned to me.
There are infinite ways to find ourselves,
in someone's eyes, in sunspun meadows, reaching out to reach back in,

where God's home is, in me.

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