Tuesday, July 8, 2014

R.I.P. Life

There was once a real world
where wind sang in the trees
and people listened close for sounds of God.

There was once a real world 
where we dreamt our soft dreams
and gentle breezes lifted our prayers.

And here we are now,
between bit and byte,
bleep and blight,
In this digital cemetery
we call our lives.

And the world cries out,
Hey, Look at me, Look at me.
Hear me post, see my face,
I will feed on your likes.

The cacophony, cry of the tech-numbed heart
Pushing man, God and nature further apart.

Burying our souls beneath our screens-
Can you feel? Can you breathe?
Can you look at the stars? 

Do you even remember a time long past,
When your eyes beheld nature
and God’s eyes looked back?

-Laura Marie Paxton,

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