Thursday, March 12, 2015

Only A Soul

I gave you my soul
for eternity.
You accepted 
that forever bond.

You are a vampire
you told me that night;
and we are the antichrist
you told her that day.

Each Easter, we ate and drank
communion offered
to ourselves, as the gods.

Find God in you
in the mirror, you said,
hours, days, months and years
believing and hoping
I'd find her there,
But, all I could see
were my vacuous eyes.

The eyes you photographed,
saying they looked up to see
you, infinity itself. 
I gave you my trust,
loyalty, devotion
and faith

So, if you happened
to notice this girl
dying slowly,
Don't worry.
It's only a soul.

Only a soul,
sacrificed for you
for your comfort,
for your wealth,
for your pleasure.

Am I being selfish,
you asked me that night.
You are enlightened
and can't be, of course.

One day, you released me,
but kept that bond.
And it weighed me down
like a ball and chain.

I'm not a victim
Victimhood is not allowed.
But for every dollar you make,
For each admiring face, 
for every blissful, tearful eye,

Don't worry,

It's only a soul.

-Laura Marie Hall Paxton,

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